Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Fog

The fog was thicker this morning than yesterday's, so we followed the shore to Webb Cove and Buckmaster Ledges. Given the choice, I'll probably always go out among the islands, rather than paddling along the shore. I like the wildness out there. It does something to me that paddling past lobster co-ops and people's homes doesn't do. But the fog makes everything a bit wilder and more mysterious. You see only what is close. The ledges stand out against a grey backdrop. Everything visible stands out more, and everything else disappears.

Maybe that's part of what I like about being in a wild place: that focus and quiet. I found myself fascinated with every bit of shoreline. I admired different things than I do in the wild: the way a house blended into the forest, or the lines of a sailboat reflected in the water. I also liked losing sight of land, but the grumble of lobsterboats urged us back to shallow water.

Back near town, a family of raccoons caught our attention as they made some commotion. They paused to watch us pass.

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