Thursday, September 25, 2008

Paddling Around Our Backyard, Part I

Most of the excursions I write about here, especially in the summer, take place before or after work. Last week, Rebecca minded the gallery for five days, and Todd closed the doors to his window shop so he and I could spend five days sea-kayaking. We chose a route that would take us in a loop around Stonington, around the edge of our usual paddling area, and a little beyond. If weather and conditions cooperated, we would go around North Haven and Vinalhaven, head across to Isle au Haut, Marshall and Swans Islands, and then around Mount Desert Island before heading home. We knew it was ambitious, and we hadn’t done too many twenty-plus mile days lately, but who knew when we’d get the chance again?

Above: the eight-mile paddle along North Haven's north shore. Not too many houses, not too many boats. Quiet. The Camden Hills are much closer here. Camden comes into view with the concentration of sailboat masts below Mt. Battie. Rockland gives the impression of distant urban sprawl, with the tower at the Dragon cement plant in Thomaston in the distance.

We camp on a small island near the west side of Vinalhaven. In the morning: fog. We paddle against the current, out past Heron Neck on Green Island.

We saw a lighthouse. We did all the quintessential Maine stuff.

Rolling Fog: now you see it, now you don't. Where's Brimstone? Out here somewhere.

Ah, there it is.

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