Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bonne Bay, Webb Cove

We returned home from Newfoundland last week. I did manage to get out for a bit more paddling when the conditions were fair, but paddling-wise, the trip was a tease; I look forward to getting back there, perhaps in warmer weather.

Back home, our hills looked rather low, our shores gentle, but our local archipelago was a beautiful sight to return to. Newfoundland gave me a new appreciation for paddling here. The numerous, closely-spaced islands make it much easier to go out and choose your route according to conditions or whim. Last week, when my sister and her husband were visiting from California, we headed out, only to encounter quickly-increasing winds. It seemed like a good day to take a tour of Webb Cove.

The great thing about having visitors is that it encourages you to get out and go places that maybe you've taken for granted, to see your place with a fresh perspective. Usually, I just want to get out to the islands, but on a blustery day out there, Webb Cove was calm.

With the colder months ahead, these coves and coastal routes might be a good thing to keep in mind. There's still so much I haven't seen here. Today is another sunny, blustery day, whitecaps in the Thorofare, temperature around freezing. The weather doesn't exactly make you want to get out there, but winter is too long if you don't. We'll be watching for the next good day.

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