Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ironbound Island

It was a calm day off of Bar Harbor, just a mild swell as we paddled three miles directly to Ironbound Island, on the other side of Frenchman Bay. We didn't have any big plans; we thought we'd get out there and meander back through the Porcupine Islands. As soon as we arrived at the southern end of Ironbound though, we noticed that the mild swell was making some big splashes when it hit the steep, rocky shore.

Some days are all about paddling some miles, others are all about the distractions you find along the way. Oh boy, I love those distractions. We paddled below the cliffs, winding our way among the rocks, letting the swell lift us and drop us. Sometimes you maneuver into an interesting spot and that unexpected big wave comes in. Sometimes the water beneath you just...

... goes away. Fortunately, many of the ledges are padded with seaweed.

Sometimes there's not much to do but wait for that next wave to come and get you.

But hopefully, when it gets you, it doesn't really get you.


Geoffry said...

This is the best kayaking blog I've seen (in fact, the best outdoor activity blog). Well written, great photos, and nice, light-touch humor.

I've been coming to Deer Isle since 1962, and kayaking in these waters since the early 90s. I routinely take a look at Sea Kayak Stonington to stay in touch, and to get ideas for trips. Thanks so much for putting in the time and effort to keep this going.

G. Smith
Brunswick, ME.

Speedbumps said...

Thanks Geoffry, that's really nice to hear. I often wonder why I write the blog. The answer is that I just like to do it, but it helps to know someone is reading and enjoying it.

Eva Gallant said...

I was in Bar Harbor on the 4th. My favorite place in Maine is Acadia National Park!