Tuesday, June 2, 2009


May 24, Stonington Harbor. Rebecca gets out her camera to shoot some lobster boat bows. She uses these photos as reference for paintings. These close-ups of boats at the waterline started in 1998, in Greece, and in a way, are a big part of what brought us to Stonington. While she moves among the boats, taking pictures, I practice rolls. The water is in the high 40's now- much more tolerable than when it was in the 30's. A porpoise moves around the harbor, exhaling rythmically.

May 29, approaching John Island. Fog. Nice. And then off of Sand Island: some rocks, some waves.

May 22, Buckle Island. We've taken a bunch of photos at these rocks. I expect we'll take many more. And I think we've had this same sunset before as we paddled back into the Thorofare.

Lately, we've had a lot of nice after-work paddles. We don't get onto the water until after six, and usually get back by 8:30 or so, a little after sunset. I had a nice run there for a bit, not missing an evening. It was going so well, I almost felt bad about it, as if maybe there's something else that I, as a responsible grown-up ought to be doing, but I quickly got over such feelings, reasoning that you just have to get out there while you can. When it rained, we paddled in the rain. When it turned windy, I chalked it up to good practice. But then came the last four days... four dry days: social events, marginal weather, a movie, a meeting, work, cleaning the apartment. How is it that I sometimes lose perspective and let these things interfere with paddling? The kitchen floor is gleamingly clean, but you don't want to read about that, do you?

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