Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Evening Trips

We see a lot of kayaks atop cars lately, and a few out on the water, although not while we're paddling. The few times we've been out lately have been in the evening when we see a handful of people camped on islands, and some of the more popular anchorages crowded with sailboats, but it's otherwise fairly quiet. That photo above was on the southeast shore of McGlathery, a favorite destination for a quick evening paddle.

Those evening paddles are becoming even quicker though, as the days turn shorter. We may want to start getting up earlier for some morning paddles, but I'll miss the evening trips: the lack of fishing boats, the quiet, and returning home afterward with nothing to do but relax in a hot bath, washing away the salt water.

Lately, a few visitors to the gallery have revealed themselves as readers of this blog, which is cool, but also makes me feel like I ought to post some snapshots even when my adventures have been less than epic- just to keep the blog going.

In real life, I hardly know what to say to other paddlers, unless they're asking for route ideas or my favorite places to camp. And even then, I feel cautious until we've dropped the appropriate hints about paddling abilities and respect for potential hazards. I sometimes worry that readers of the blog might assume, because they read about it here, that they should try some of the same things without being adequately prepared. I've blogged about our lessons, training & practice, but I don't regularly mention it- or all the gear we carry to be safe. Probably anyone who bothers to read this blog understands this, but it still seems that people often think of skills and gear as optional- only for "serious" paddlers, rather than anyone who intends on staying near shore and not getting wet, but is inclined toward self-preservation.

Recently the Island Advantages ran a story about a local woman who went paddling with someone who was not prepared, and what they went through after she capsized on a lake in calm, warm conditions. Check it out here.

Not everyone is so lucky, as one of my posts from last December addresses.

The upcoming Fifth Annual Downeast Sea Kayak Symposium in Bar Harbor is a good opportunity to improve your paddling skills- whether you're advanced or a beginner. Maybe we'll see you there.

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