Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snow on Steves

After not much snow here this winter, we got a pretty good storm. Honestly, I needed some days of nasty weather to get some work done that I'd been putting off. The next afternoon I was in the gallery when I realized that the wind had dwindled, the sun had come out, and it wasn't too cold. Work could wait; I packed my gear quickly and headed out. After all, I could hardly remember the last time I paddled among the islands with fresh snow on them.

I had only a couple of hours before sunset, so it seemed only natural to head out to Steves Island. I might even get a jump on my duties as a MITA island adopter.

Well, even in the summer, I don't usually have a lot to do to look after Steves Island. Most of the campers who stay there take good care of things, probably packing-off more garbage than they arrived with. I came across some of the usual fishing garbage, but otherwise, the snow made the island feel even more pristine than usual. A few treetops had been blown down and blocked the trail. The campsite on the western beach will get a little more starlight than before.


Mostly, I just walked around and looked at things.

And then I paddled home as a new front moved-in.

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Paddle2See said...

I've been to Steves a number of times...but it's never looked more beautiful then it does in your shots! Truly spectacular. Thanks for sharing them with us.