Monday, January 6, 2014

Scraggy Island Ledge

Sunday afternoon. We get our gear together and get down to the launch. The air is in the low 30s, sunny with not much wind. This time, we head west, along the shore of Crotch Island.

And on toward Mark and then Scraggy Islands. 

A few years ago, Todd and I paddled past Scraggy Island Ledge and came upon an amazing ice formation: a wave-like icy cornice that had frozen in place. Unfortunately, my camera battery had just run out. I've gravitated toward the ledge ever since, hoping to find something like it. It's always starkly gorgeous, but I've never seen ice like that again. Not a bad excuse to keep looking.

Rebecca tries to get me to play in some waves for the camera, but I remind her that it's mid-winter, and sunset is a half-hour away. The water feels... cold.

We head back, passing between Crotch and Sand Islands as the sun goes down. The lights of Stonington twinkle on as we slip between the Two Bush Islands, where only a thin scrap of the American Flag flaps from the pole.

Later, I remark that it's good to get out, but it's not enough to keep the paddling callouses on my hands, especially with the thick gloves. I'm looking forward to some longer trips, but for now, these excursions into the archipelago will do.

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Caroline said...

OOO, shiver. I do love to read about these trips and see the winter pictures. Beautiful up there as always.