Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Good Places to Eat Lunch

A few days ago we went down to Popham Beach for some surf. It was a warm, moderate day with messy, confused seas, and strong winds shearing off the wave tops. Cold enough water to feel bracing when it slaps you in the face, but warmer than it will be for the next 8 months.  

It took a few attempts and some harsh beat-downs before we finally found the right spot and got into a groove that rewarded us with long rides. We felt drained and good during the long drive home in the dark, drinking coffee, re-living a few choice moments.

I go back and forth between touring and looking for excitement- usually a little of both. Lately we’ve gone on mostly calm excursions with friends, exploring Stinson Neck and Jericho Bay.

We’ve found new places to eat lunch and for Rebecca to paint, usually- it seems – returning home just after sunset, getting the most out of these fall days. We’ve been lucky to have abundant warm-ish days, and though plenty of people have put their boats away for the season, the water is warmer now than it will be in the spring when they put their boats in the water again.

When a friend visited last week, we took some drives to favorite spots: Mount Desert, Schoodic Point, The Bold Coast.

We hiked and gazed-out over big, impressive views.

There is something satisfying about looking out over vistas and understanding what you’re looking at because you’ve been in so many of these places, but I mostly find my eyes gravitating to the places I haven’t yet paddled, and there’s something satisfying about that too, knowing there’s no end to it.

But mostly we just paddle around, looking for good places to eat lunch.


John Foster said...

Great photos. Still waiting to see some of Rebecca's paintings

Michael Daugherty said...

Thanks John, we'll get some of Rebecca's paintings on here soon.
thanks, Michael

O'Lochy said...

I'm famous. Lol. Thanks for the fun.

Albert jack said...

Keep the ball rolling you have done the great job here. John Brown