Thursday, April 19, 2007

After-Work Paddle

I knew it was a promising day for an after-work paddle, but wow, what a gift of a day: warm enough to start roasting in our drysuits, sunny enough to actually need sunglasses (we usually only wear them as a fashion statement). We took a quick paddle around Sand and Crotch Islands, pausing for a snapshot or two in front of some local landmarks.

Self-portrait. We're paddling north up the west side of Crotch Island. The current quarrying activity is vaguely visible behind Todd. The hill on the island was once much higher.

Paddling past "The Old Man's Ass" on Crotch Island. Crotch is named (I assume) for the long, narrow and crotch-like mill pond, which of course is located directly across the island from "The Old Man's Ass." I'm not making this stuff up. As you can see, the ass shone brilliantly this evening in a clear, crisp light.

We pause to savor the stink of the Stonington Bait Ark.

Back at the boat ramp. The red building is the old sardine factory, now housing the company that runs the Isle au Haut mailboat, as well as the Speedbumps clubhouse.

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julie said...

Beautiful photos!