Saturday, April 14, 2007


Here we are, getting ready to launch our kayaks today. The only unusual thing (other than my new drysuit) was that Rebecca was there to take a few photos of us getting ready. It always takes a few minutes to get ourselves put together, and yet there's a rising sense of urgency, since we've left work early so we can get out on the water by three. There's only so much daylight left, and ... oh yeah, where do we want to go today?

We have a pretty decent situation here in Stonington, Maine. Todd and I, along with a group of other kayakers, rent a space in an old building right next to the boat launch. We both live in downtown Stonington, a short walk from the ramp. This makes it easy to get paddling with little notice or planning. Our idea for this blog is to use it much like the logbook we keep in the "clubhouse": share a few photos and stories from our excursions, and give us an outlet to spread some occasional gossip and have a little fun. Also, I worried that the sea kayaking snapshots were starting to take over my art gallery blog.

We call ourselves the "Stonington Speedbumps," borrowing from the lobster fishermens' moniker for kayakers. Stonington has an active fishing fleet, with, at last count, 380 registered fishing vessels. Of course, many of them, along with recreational boaters, don't go out in the winter. Winter seems to be about half the year, and we don't want to miss-out on kayaking for so long, so we get out when we can. It's usually nice and quiet. And gorgeous.

It had been almost three weeks since our last excursion, and the weather was a bit iffy, so we set-out with mild amibitions: anywhere we went would be fine. The air temperature was fairly warm- almost fifty degrees, but the wind out of the north seemed to be increasing by the minute. (Water temperature: 37 degrees). A small craft advisory was in effect, with rumors of a huge impending NorEaster. Oh- in the picture above, I was wondering how I was supposed to get my camera from Rebecca, who wasn't prepared to get her feet wet. She put it on the blade of the paddle and I grabbed it.

Thanks to the wind at our backs, we had a quick ride south. We took a familiar route through the islands: past Green, St. Helena and Wreck, finally stopping at a beach, out of the wind. Todd rolled a couple of times. On purpose.

Here we are, pausing before heading back in. A liesurely paddle, back around six- in time to catch the movie at the Opera House.

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