Friday, June 1, 2007

Gooseberry after Dark

I had hoped to go for a full moon paddle last night, but it was cloudy and it didn't work out. So I went out tonight. There was plenty of nice light until the sun went down (big surprise). I stopped on Steve's Island, which in midsummer is often crowded with campers. Tonight it was uninhabited. In fact, I didn't see anyone anywhere out there. Steve's is a pleasant little island, with several campsites. Despite it's being only a half-hour paddle from Stonington, camping there would feel like another world.

I thought I might wait for the moonrise from the beach on Wreck, but I had a while to wait. Instead, I chose to paddle around McGlathery and out around Gooseberry. Clouds on the horizon prevented any glimpse of the rising moon. It was dark by the time I stopped on the beach at McGlathery to turn on my running lights, and I paddled for another hour in the dark before I pulled into Stonington Harbor.

The brightest lights in town came from the gallery, where Rebecca was working on her new kayak. Tonight she tackled a difficult step: cutting holes into the deck for hatches. We should have a launching in a few weeks.


Jill said...

beautiful lines on your kayak, Rebecca.

I love reading your paddling entries, michael. It gives me a view of water.

That was some moon Thursday night. A blue moon, which is also a Van Morrison song I especially like.

Speedbumps said...

Actually, I was singing "Moondance" as I rounded McGlathery. Good thing no one was around, but I scared a deer... and a seal.