Monday, May 28, 2007


Though the air was calm and nearly windless this morning, I let the weathervane choose my direction: east or west; I chose east.

I paddled alone on one of the glassier surfaces I've seen on the ocean for awhile. Russ, Camp and Bold islands passed by on my right, quiet and foggy. A few boats hovered around their traps. The buoys are beginning to dot the water surface now, which is a sign that the water is warming up, and despite complaints of poor fishing, the lobsters are probably coming in.

Seals were everywhere as I approached Shingle Island- enough that I altered my course to avoid them. Pups lay on shore and swam with parents, who eyed me with suspicion. It's funny how seals react to kayaks. Noisy lobsterboats can pass by all day and make little impression. When the seals see an approaching kayak, the alarm is sounded and they dive. It's probably in their blood: fear of the vessel that traditionally hunted them.

I'd hoped to go on to Shabby Island, but I had over four miles to paddle back to Stonington and get to work. It's always good to leave an island or two for another time. On the way back, I saw the first porpoises I've seen since last fall.

Oh yes. I'm noticing logbook entries at the "clubhouse"- our kayak storage facility. Other people have returned from their winter haunts and have gone out. I'm sure I'll encounter one in person one of these days.

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