Sunday, June 17, 2007


So many of these passages could easily begin with " I almost didn't go". I was tired this morning and had a lot of really important things I could have done instead, like clean the apartment. As I contemplated this, the phone rang. Richard was all set to go. So we headed out with modest ambitions and one eye on the towering thunderhead off to the west.

We took a break on Gooseberry, where I encountered the first other paddlers I've seen on the water since last September. I felt almost possessive- we've had the archipelago pretty much to ourselves (and a few fishermen) for about eight months. That drysuit is an excellent investment, when you think of the added months of paddling it gives you. And the water is still quite cold. Anyway, it's kind of nice to see some other paddlers out there; there are still very few, considering how good it is to be out there.

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