Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Tree Grows On Doliver

It's been a month since my last longer (half-day, instead of 2-3 hours) paddle. The last time, I went around Kimball Island with Todd (Where is Todd these days?) and I was ready for another. This morning I went to the East side of Isle au Haut, and went around York Island. It took a couple of hours to get to Doliver Island, where I took my first break. Dolliver is a Maine Island Trail (MITA) island with a small campsite that could accomodate 4 campers.

My first impression, as I paddled around it, was that it seemed a very rough and unaccomodating place to stay. I found a small landing spot and got out. Most of the island is bare and rocky, green in places with thorny weeds and tiny flowers. The rocks are dark- not Deer Isle granite. One single spruce tree grew near the height of the island, and not far away I found a grassy spot where one might pitch a tent. I sat down and read the logbook, and unanimously, everyone who had stayed there liked it for its weatherbeaten cragginess. The longer I sat, the more I liked it. Despite its wildness though, the island is in constant view (and vice-versa) of a handful of summer homes on Isle au Haut and York Island, which perhaps takes a little away from the remote feeling.

I continued around York Island, which feels wild and wooly, even on a calm day. On the way back, I took a break on Bill's. The water looked so inviting, I took off my drysuit and tried the water in just my neoprene. I should have kept my boots on, because I couldn't progress past the painfully cold chill in my feet. Good to know though; I'll stick with the drysuit for awhile.

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