Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mark, Scraggy, Crotch

Yesterday I got up and thought about going out. Out on the harbor, lobsterboats busily went this way and that, with the occasional skiff slicing between their paths. I thought "I'll go tonight instead."

So in the evening, with big dramatic storm clouds looming pretty much everywhere, I headed west through the Thorofare, and went out around Mark and Scraggy islands. As I paddled, the clouds grew bigger and closer and darker, casting the sea and rocks in a grey, eerie pallor.

I disturbed wildlife left and right: jellyfish, eagles, seals, otter. I ended-up giving all the islands and ledges a very wide berth, paddling long, open stretches, finally heading in to Stonington in a light rain as lights came on in town. I didn't see another boat moving on the water the entire time.

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