Tuesday, July 3, 2007


This morning, last night's storm clouds were long-gone when I met Peter at the launch. We headed south, here and there pausing to see how best to get around the lobster boats. At least two of the campsites on Steve's were occupied, as well as some on Harbor Island, which is to be expected for the holiday.

We went around Merchants Island, where we paused while Peter cooled-off with a couple of rolls, which he accomplished in a very relaxed manner with his Greenland paddle. I took a couple of photos, but the underside of his boat, while interesting, is not that photogenic.

The jellyfish are here in droves. In herds, or flocks, or whatever you call a bunch of jellyfish undulating together. We paddled through sections where you hesitate to put your paddle in the water, for fear of impaling a jellyfish. Beautiful creatures.

Though I watched fireworks from the water last year, I may just decide to stay off the water for the next couple days as the number of boats rises exponentially. We'll see.

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