Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Morning

This Sunday morning paddle thing is getting to be a habit; I hope we can keep it up. This morning it was Barbara, Peter and me. We started off in a sparse fog, and went off around Sand and John Islands.

We only had a couple of hours, so we opted to stay close and take our time. It was almost high tide, and we saw waves breaking over the ledges between John, Crotch and Mark Islands. We went out and floated among the rocks and waves for awhile.

After a little practice and photography at the beach on Crotch, we headed in. In Stonington Harbor, people were fishing for mackerel off the pier at the Lobster Coop. The boat ramp was crowded, blocked by two pair of kayakers, and a couple of other boats. We landed and got out of the way in a hurry.

I didn't say anything to the other kayakers, but this is the sort of thing that gives us all a bad reputation. We don't need to block the ramp for even a minute. Don't park by the water while you unload your boat, and if you must, make it quick. Park in a parking place and carry your boat to an out of the way spot where you can get it ready. Of course, we've often waited for powerboaters to get out of the way, but they're not as agile as we are, and many of them (especially non-recreational boaters) have an attitude about EVER waiting for a kayak. That's my diatribe for the day.

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