Saturday, September 29, 2007

Barred Island

Since it was foggy most of yesterday, and the preceeding day or two, we thought we'd take a quick coastal paddle on the west side of the island. I got off work early, and we were on the water by 4:45. Amazingly, most of the fog had cleared away. We'd gotten it into our head to paddle over toward Sand beach though, so we did. By 5:45 we were at Barred Island.

Barred Island is part of a preserve owned by the Nature Conservancy. The walk there is one of my favorite hikes around, and I went there fairly often before I became obsessed with sea kayaking. It occured to me that the hour it took us to paddle there was probably less time than it usually takes to drive and walk there.

Paddled back before the backdrop of an orange sunset. Out around Andrews Island and back through the dark Thorofare.

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