Sunday, September 30, 2007

North Haven

Approaching Babbidge Island

Last night after work we did the quick loop around Crotch, Sand and Rock that we've come to know as the "Crotch-Rock Quickie". This morning we were on the water by 6:45, headed to North Haven. The crossing from Andrews Island to Babbidge is a little over three miles, and open to a lot of fetch, no matter where the wind is coming from. We had a few waves for the last third, but nothing too dramatic.

Passing Bald Island

We passed Calderwood and Burnt Islands, landing finally on North Haven at Mullen Head. Mullen Head is a town park. Long ago I camped there, but I don't know if that's allowed any longer. It's a beautiful spot: rocky bluffs, hardwoods and a trail following the shore to an occasional picnic table in a clearing. At low tide, there's an island that can be reached on foot.

Approaching the Porcupines

We made a loop, following the islands north: Sheep, Bald, the Porcupines. To the west we saw a whole new archipelago to explore. This would more easily done by camping on one of the islands, but day trips are possible, especially if one launched near Dunham Point instead. At ten o'clock we headed east from the Porcupines, heading straight for Sheephead Island, about a two-mile crossing. By then the sea had calmed-down a bit, and we turned south, paddling toward Barred Island, where we took a break.

A hiker asked us where we'd come from. "Stonington," Todd said. "But we stopped-off on North Haven on the way."

Isle au Haut / Todd / Vinalhaven

True to my sign on the gallery door, I opened-up after noon. A six-hour trip with over a half-hour break. Over 16 nautical miles.

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