Sunday, October 21, 2007

Launching the Coho

Yesterday, Todd and I snuck away for a few hours at Bagaduce Falls again. After Rebecca's great photos, I won't even bother with the ones I took yesterday. This time the water was flowing out, toward the ocean. You know how I mentioned I should just dump and get it over with? That's what I did on my first peel-out. As Todd observed, I had my low brace too far back, more like a stern rudder, and in I went. Several times. Which is good in the sense that I was a bit looser and taking some chances and making some mistakes. We decided to call it quits when I felt the paddle scraping on the rocks above... no below my head as I took on the current upside-down- the tide had gone down.

I'd been missing the ocean, so this morning we took a Sunday morning paddle out around some nearby islands. Rebecca launched her self-built Pygmy Coho for the first time in salt water. It's beautiful and ORANGE- bright orange. The deck is still finished bright- it's hard to cover up that gorgeous wood, but the orange hull shows up well. And what a warm, perfect day... clear, dry air; we'll be lucky to have many more days like this before the snow flies.

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