Monday, November 19, 2007

Farrel, Scraggy, Mark

We're back in Stonington after some time away. Among other things, Rebecca and I did some lake paddling in New Hampshire. It was nice at the lake, but yesterday Todd and I got out for a couple hours, and it feels nice to be on the ocean again.

It's an entirely different feeling than lake paddling. You can feel a great deal of power beneath you, yet the swells are gentle, farther spaced. At least that's how it felt yesterday out around Farrel, Scraggy & Mark Islands.

Todd spent two days getting surf lessons at Sea Kayak Georgia. It sounds awesome, from the waves to the dolphins breaching alongside him as he surfed. He says he even took a couple of photos, but he got knocked-around while he took them, so they might be close-ups of his sprayskirt.

According to the weather buoys, the water temp is in the high forties, air temps in the 30's and 40's. We felt plenty warm while paddling, but didn't practice any rolls.

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