Sunday, December 9, 2007

Paddling into the Sunset... at 3:45

Yeah, about friggin' time. You'd think we'd have plenty of time, but there' always something - work, the sun going down at four in the afternoon, laziness. Today we went out. Air temps in the 20's, water temps... well, cold. Of course, we were bundled-up and hot. Only a couple of fishing boats out there today, although lately I've been watching them wait in line to take out huge stacks of traps at the fishing pier.
Knowing we had limited time, we paddled nonstop, going out around McGlathery. We paused by the big rock and looked over at Spruce Island- one hour down and one to go. Hey, let's go around Spruce too. Nice. Nice sunset. And then coming home is such luxury: a hot bath, black bean soup that I started before we left, whiskey. We have a good life here.

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