Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Good Week In April

After a couple of not-so-good kayaking months, we've had a pretty decent week. After- wow- about two months of no paddling, that first excursion felt like a re-introduction. We went out around McGlathery, and it felt good. The next day, Sparrow Island. You head out into the wind and waves thinking 'okay, let's take it easy', but once you're out there, those waves start feeling familiar and maybe even gentle. "Should we go to John Island?" Well why not? And then Farrel and then you're at Sparrow.

On Friday, we did another tour of the western outer ledges, half-way to Vinalhaven. It was calm in Stonington, so it seemed like a good time to investigate out there. From a mile away, it appeared that small waves broke near the ledge. As we approached, we realized those waves were much larger than us. Yep, that's Todd.

And that's on a calm day. Wonder what it's like when the weather picks up.

Those were all after-work paddles. Yesterday, we had a little more time, so we went out past Fog Island and did an Eastern Ledges tour: the Popplestones, back past Southern Mark Island on our way to Enchanted. A fifteen-mile afternoon, working our way back up to more epic voyages.

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