Saturday, June 14, 2008

Smoked Eggs


Sometimes I wonder why I bother blogging . I suppose I like the process of trying to find one or two acceptable photos from an excursion, and then I like trying to find something to say about it, even when it may have been similar to the last paddle, and nothing really extraordinary happened. The good news, despite the lack of posts lately, is that I've been paddling more than I've been blogging, which I'd say is a healthy priority.

Last Sunday's excursion turned out to be more eventful than we'd hoped. It started as a relaxed paddle, checking out the schooner Victory Chimes, which was anchored in the harbor. We meandered through the inner archipelago, and eventually decided to head for Fog Island. After a couple hours of paddling, we were just arriving at Fog, both of us ready for a snack. Todd thought "those hard-boiled eggs are going to be good."

Unfortunately, those eggs were still back home, in the pot, on the stove... with the flame still on.
Todd has a tense moment

We pulled up on the island. I dug-out the cell phone and discovered it had a dead battery. VHF: the same. Todd finally managed to get someone at Old Quarry Ocean Adventures on his. "I'm not in trouble," he told the person who responded, "but I think I may be burning my house down." They called Rebecca, and, as it turned out, Todd's neighbor Aimee had recently started working at Old Quarry. So a couple of people were soon rushing to the scene. We climbed back into our kayaks and headed toward Stonington, but we had five or six miles to go.

Smoked Eggs

As we paddled, Todd monitored the VHF, waiting for news. We tried to imagine what would happen to a pot left on a flame for two or three hours after the water boiled away. It might not be that bad. After all, we couldn't see any smoke in the direction of Stonington. Finally, the news came through that his house was "a bit smoky," but otherwise okay. The eggs didn't make it.

There's a few obvious lessons here, which I won't belabor, but I can assure you that it's a bad feeling when you finally need that cell phone and the VHF, and discover that having it doesn't count for much if you don't check the batteries. The story has a happy ending after all. Todd took us all out for dinner: a small price to pay for people on shore who can help you out when you need it.

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Anonymous said...

funny stuff,eggs n all
you seem to be having ball on water and doing all the islands.
wish I was 20 years younger,would love to float the boat, roll and brace, here the waters to cold and my bones to old plus z ol ,hrt not up for dipping in ice water.

i have - nautiraid - in calif still/1982 folding boat from france-very - big - wide and fits in 2 bags-put tgthr still,hangn from roof in plane hanger in mojave ca. . took trips in sf bay , going out golden gate bridge, was unsinkable w air chambers and rubber bttm,wood frame n canvas ,was grt cold water boat,it was cold not like here,but cold........took some 15 mile trips w this boat in ruff ocean wave action....
was tuff to screw up could not roll this tugboat
but stable in any waves or ruff action waves near shore rocks.
love reading your blogs