Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Sunday morning: thick fog, like every other day lately. Brighid paddles over from Old Quarry and meets us at Colwell Ramp. We discuss options, finally deciding to just go "out there". We start across the Thorofare, but there's the sound of a motor, getting closer. We back up to the red nun and watch a lobster boat speed past the spot where we'd just been. When it's gone we decide to point toward 180. We paddle with no sign of land. At first, I'm convinced that my compass is wrong, but of course it's just me: fog is disorienting. And sort of fun. We hit island after island, finally crossing Merchant's Row and hitting pretty much the spot we'd hoped.

The nice thing about circumnavigating, is the navigating part; you just keep the island on your left and keep paddling. Around Merchants, then Bills. Before hitting Bills, we thought maybe we'd missed it and were crossing Merchants Row, but then, there it was.

Aside from those two lobster boats early on, we had the archipelago to ourselves: a good Sunday morning.

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