Saturday, July 26, 2008

Not Enough Play

I've gone out a few times in the last couple weeks, but if feels like far from enough, especially when I sit at my desk and see the occasional flash of a paddle blade out in the harbor, as well as the far more frequent sightings of car-topped kayaks going past on Main Street.

Brighid and I had a bumpy morning before the Lobster Boat Races, two weeks ago.

Todd and Bill and I took a pleasant excursion out to Merchant and Spruce one evening, and enjoyed a spectacular sunset as we returned. And then a few evenings ago, Todd and I took a quick, stolen hour away from all the other stuff we had to do, and went out to the ledges near Rock Island to practice rolling. This time, I rolled more than I missed, doing consecutive rolls once I "got it", and it felt pretty good.

And now tonight, as I sit in the gallery on a Saturday night with no one coming in, I realize I should have gone kayaking instead, Oh well; you never know.


RBH said...

Did they ever hold the lobster boat races? My husband and I put in that day from the Quarry Campground, and they said to be sure to get across the Thoroughfare before 10. We were just about across by then, but saw no lobster boats. It was tough going in those headwinds, but we made it to Buckle where we camped for four nights. Saw hardly anyone else the whole time we were there - no one seemed to be camping even on Hell's!

Speedbumps said...

The lobster boat races went on as planned, but the rough conditions may have diminished some of the on the water partying that usually takes place. It started at Dow Ledges, so you may have crossed east of there.

We saw you at Buckle on Wednesday evening. We were the ones scraping across the ledges between the islands an hour before dusk. You probably thought we were looking for a campsite, but we were just looking for a spot to have a beer (we found a ledge). I'm glad you had a nice quiet time there.