Monday, August 25, 2008

Quick Evening Paddle

I manage to get the gallery closed by 5:30. By six, we're on the water. Lately it gets dark before eight, so it had to be a quick paddle. First stop: Rock Island for some fun and games. Todd has been learning new ways to paddle a kayak.

The technique still needs some work.

It's nice to let someone else take the camera, in this case, Rebecca. Not only do I get into a few pictures for a change, but I'm able to just paddle along, focusing on my strokes, chatting with Todd. Rebecca lags behind to take pictures, but she's quick in her orange Coho, and quickly overtakes us again. I like the casual nature of our quick evening paddles: no big plans; there's an opportunity to go, so we go. The sunset is brilliant, of course. We paddle around George's Head and arrive back to Stonington as it gets dark.

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