Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kimball Island

Rounding Kimball,
the south end of Isle au Haut in the distance
I'm feeling this one- Kimball Island, just west of Isle au Haut. We had a liesurely start this morning after breakfast at the Harbor Cafe. I was a little worried about how those blueberry pancakes would feel sitting in my stomach, but by the time we were heading back, those calories were long-gone. We paddled out to Kimball in a light breeze that grew into a steady north wind. Kimball Head has a dramatic feel: steep rocks rising from the water, wind-stunted evergreens, big enough waves to keep me from taking pictures, and a view south to the open ocean.

Marsh Cove

By the time we headed back to Stonington, the wind had picked up considerably and the passage across Merchant's Row was a long slog straight into the wind and waves. It's always a little surreal walking down Main Street in my salt-encrusted drysuit after something like that. In town you hardly notice the wind and the sun feels warm. People say, "it must be a beautiful day for a paddle" which it is, but probably not quite what they're thinking.

Passing deer in the Isle au Haut Thorofare

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