Saturday, May 12, 2007

West Halibut Ledges

In that last blog, when I mentioned that we'd be doing an after-work paddle the next day... well, I should have known better. Obviously, blogging about a paddling excursion before the fact is a jinx. Work got in the way. I think both Todd and I would have had better weeks if we'd said to hell with whatever perceived obligations we had and just gone, but we didn't, and it wasn't an easy week.

Today might have easily gone the same way, but by four or five, we both managed to get away. It started out calm and breezed up a bit. By that time, though, we were well on our way out to Sparrow Island and West Halibut Ledges. I guess it's been a month or two since we've been out there, and Sparrow was turning bright green with vegetation and was busy with birds. Seals leapt nearly out of the water, presumeably to distract us from nearby pups. It's always amazing how quickly we can get out to this wild, otherworldly place.

And somewhere out there, the tedious crap that made it a difficult week fell behind. Tomorrow... well, nevermind. Who knows what tomorrow brings?

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