Saturday, May 26, 2007


This morning I took a paddle before work. Once again, it had been a difficult week, and I needed to get out. McGlathery is a fairly straightforward paddle, especially when the wind is from the north or south. Like a few other islands on the south end of the archipelago, the smooth granite ledges drop away steeply, and are strewn with huge glacial erratics. The open stretch to the south invites a pleasant swell as you paddle past the boulders. It could be intense and splashy, but this morning it felt somehow calming.

I was alone, but each week I'm seeing more and more other boats on the water. On one island, a woman waved from shore. A few lobsterboats went about their work, but posed little concern. A sailboat and a cruising powerboat were anchored by Round Island, and were underway by the time I headed back. Still in my drysuit (water temp in high 40's) I was still comfortable until about a mile from Stonington, when the breeze turned warm. Back on shore, a few women arrived with sea kayaks. I still haven't encountered another kayak on the water this season.


Jill said...

I like this rock. I think a rock like this has a message to deliver. Don't know what it is. But I like it.

Good for you for braving the cold. What's the air temp?

Speedbumps said...

The water is cold, the air was hot: at least 70's, which is toasty in a drysuit.